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5th Grade Owlets (and Parents!)

Welcome to the Outdoor Wilderness Lab! Our goal is to engage, enrich, and empower your children in this authentic and beautiful landscape. OWL's 160 acre campus creates an immersive environmental education experience for students to grow, connect, and achieve with their peers, leaders, and the outdoors. Watch the videos below to learn more about OWL:

5th Grade Teachers: Sign Your Class up for Day Trip


Come see what OWL is all about! Take the incredible journey through spectacular Unaweep Canyon to our campus in beautiful Gateway, CO, where you'll be immersed in a hands-on outdoor science learning environment. The main lesson of your trip will focus on an interactive adventure hike to Secret Canyon! 

Trip Fee: $500 for entire group. No limit for size of group. $50 non-refundable deposit.

  *Example cost breakdown -- 50 students = $10/student, 40 = $12.50/students, etc...

  *Fee covers cost of outdoor science instruction, materials, and facility.

What to Expect on your Day Trip

Desert Investigation Adventure

Students are challenged with 3 scientific activities on an adventurous, interactive two-mile hike to investigate the desert ecosystem.
Observation- Discover the tools to gather evidence in the desert!
Leave No Trace- Learn games that reinforce LNT habits!
Adaptations- Uncover the patterns of survival in the desert! 


Frontier Days

Students immerse themselves in Frontier Life by participating in 3 social activities.
Frontier Cooking- Practice cooking biscuits in a dutch oven over an open fire!
Blacksmithing- Shape metal at various temperatures in our very own metal forge! 
Beadwork- Build a positive community while learning to create beautiful beadwork! 


Tips for Parents

What to bring on your OWL Day Trip:

  • ​Water bottle

  • Sturdy shoes

  • Weather appropriate clothing

    • Your student will be outdoors for their entire day trip!​

  • Lunch* (unless otherwise directed by your teacher)​

If you have further questions about your student's Day Trip contact us at (970) 254-7539

Find Your Middle School's OWL Representative



"You learn so much more outdoors than in a regular classroom. At OWL, we get to have fun outside while we're learning."

-Kevin S. 

6th Grade OWL Student


“I liked how our leaders were there to help but still let us be independent. I had a lot of fun at OWL and learned how to do so many new things that I will remember forever."

-Blake D.

6th Grade OWL Student

“Getting to spend time outdoors is always a breath of fresh air. Literally. But I also got to connect with new people. I got to play games and make new connections with a whole new group of kids. They were all so fun to be around and the whole experience was amazing."

-Mango Monique

High School OWL Counselor


“OWL teaches resilience, and appreciation and understanding of the natural and scientific world, as well as teamwork and collaboration. Everyone should go to OWL!"

-Jordan Houde

OWL Team Teacher- Orchard Mesa Middle School

“An immersive learning and worthy emotional experience which will live in my students' memories forever!"

-Liz Henrikson

OWL Team Teacher- Fruita Middle School

Copy of IMG_6738.JPG
Copy of IMG_6798.JPG

"OWL has definitely changed my perspective of the wilderness. You will enjoy learning about everything in the environment!"

-Colton N. 

6th Grade OWL Student

“Students not only build confidence in themselves by overcoming challenges in a new environment, they also form new connections with their peers, teachers, and the beautiful outdoors in which they are living and learning."

-Mountain Murphy 

OWL AmeriCorps Instructor


“My son says it was a great experience because you learn so much more doing all of the science lessons, and getting to hike around and see nature in person instead of sitting in a classroom and looking at pictures."

-Heather T.

OWL Parent

Copy of IMG_6805.JPG

“OWL is not only a first-class opportunity for our students to live out the science they are learning in the classroom, but an even better opportunity for them to build meaningful relationships with themselves and one another."

-Thomas McCause

Speech Language Pathologist

Fruita Middle School

“If I could send my child to OWL again I would, because there is always something new to learn about our ever-changing ecosystem. This is an experience he will never forget."

-Mary D.

OWL Parent

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